FHWA, SR 89A Flagstaff – Vista Overlook, 4R Improvements


89A, Flagstaff – Vista Overlook

SWP  provided 4R improvements of State Route 89A for up to 8.3 miles of roadway between Flagstaff on the north end and the Vista Overlook at the rim of the Oak Creek Canyon on the south.

The work consisted of

  • Realignment of the roadway
  • Adding full-width shoulders
  • Adding acceleration and deceleration lanes
  • Widened drainage structures
  • Climbing lanes and overall safety improvements such as guardrail
  • Slope flattening
  • Profile changes for sight distance improvements
  • Improved signing and striping

SWP performed all of the Erosion Control on the project including 16,500ft of silt fence, 12,000ft of sediment wattle and 1,150ft of sediment logs. SWP also performed all of the dust control services by supplying two 4000gal water trucks. Finally, SWP was responsible for all of the traffic control for the project including supplying all traffic control devices, flaggers, pilot cars, and a full-time traffic & safety supervisor.