FHWA, Ash Canyon Crossing Box Culvert Replacement

Ash Canyon Crossing: Prime Contractor  $460,150

The USDOT, Central Federal Lands Highway Division of the Federal Highway Administration contracted with SWP to perform drainage repairs and improvements to a particular area that had 4 pipe culverts underneath the roadway which would frequently over top during large storm events and cause further erosion.

SWP built a temporary detour for traffic and removed and replaced the pipe culverts and replaced them with a pre-cast concrete box culvert.

Major quantities included:

  • 96 lineal feet of 8’ Span x 4’ Rise precast reinforced concrete box culvert
  • 138 yd3 of galvanized gabions
  • 80yd3 of Class 3 placed riprap
  • 210 Tons of roadway aggregate
  • 90 Tons of Hot asphalt concrete pavements

Ancillary items to construction included temporary traffic control, construction survey & staking, quality control, and mobilization.


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