CMR, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


US Department of Transportation – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Prime Contractor 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had a need for supplies and services to support the “Repair and Resurfacing Asphalt Non-Test Surfaces” project, at the San Angelo Test Facility (SATF) located at Goodfellow Airforce Base, San Angelo, Texas.

The purpose of this project is to overlay all non-test asphalt surfaces of the San Angelo Test Facility with a Type D Hot Mix Asphalt. The paving was required to prevent further deterioration of asphalt surfaces caused by cracking, raveling, and rutting. The areas requiring overlaying are the track access roads to the test areas, the area adjacent to test facility building, and the area from the buildings to the access road.

SWP was brought in during the conceptual phase of the project to provide pre-construction services which included scoping, design recommendations, preliminary cost estimates, and constructability reviews. From this, USDOT was able to procure funds for construction, develop the Request for Proposal, and finalize a GMP with SWP.