Nissan Technical Center, Crack Sealing


Nissan Technical Center North America Stanfield, AZ: Subcontractor $50,157

Item No. 1 – Crack Seal Behind Guardrails

SWP furnished and installed all equipment, manpower, and material necessary to seal the cracks at the locations specified in the drawings. For large cracks, an emulsion slurry, or emulsion mixed with sand, was forced into the crack until it is about 1/8 inch from the surface. After curing, SWP finished the sealing by filling the remained of the crack with emulsified asphalt using a pouring pot and a hand squeegee. The surface should then be sprinkled and swept with a light dusting of dry sand to prevent pickup by traffic.

Item No. 5 – Crack Sealing Large Skid Pads

SWP furnished and installed all equipment, manpower and material necessary to rout and seal pavement cracks in the large skid pad in accordance with the plans and specifications. Work included providing surveys or measurements required to estimate quantities, routing, cleaning, sealing of crack and final cleanup.