DHS, Emergency Temporary Hill Stabilization

DHS & CBP, Emergency Temporary Hill Stabilization 

The hillside surrounding the Oroville Border Patrol Station is unstable where a natural spring has an outflow and has already experienced a slide. This water needs to be diverted so that it does not produce additional degradation of the surface or sub-surface soils threatening the integrity of the ground, road, and the building. This Statement of Work addresses a short-term, temporary repair.
This Scope of Work will address the temporary relief of ground water which is causing hydraulic pressure and is causing failure of slope and roadway. The temporary repair will include the discovery of the root cause of the seepage, installation of a drain pipe for gravity flow of water, to release from the trench and drain around the facility to the original drainage below the facility.
SWP Completed:
a) Determination of the root cause of seepage.
b) Trench across drainage located uphill of failure location to determine whether water is seeping in layers of clay striation, or bedrock.
c) Stop the underground transfer of water. Force by hydraulic pressure the water from accumulating in the exposed trench by placing a drain pipe approximately 300 feet in length along the hillside at contour for gravity flow of water, releasing water from said trench and drain around facility to the original drainage below facility.
d) Installed temporary pipe (length to be determined on site) for drainage from the trench to below the facility.
e) Placed Trench material along the lower side of the trench for later reclamation.
f) Use orange safety fence temporarily fence in the area in an attempt to keep animals and people from falling in exposed open trench.