JOC Asphalt Maintenance and Repair Services

Pinal Co. – JOC Asphalt Maintenance and Repair Services

SWP supplied all labor, material, and equipment for asphalt maintenance and repairs.

SWP performed pavement maintenance and rehabilitation including crack sealing and joint sealing, crack routing and large crack repair. Several types of surface treatments including fog seal, scrub seal, chip seal, other asphalt rejuvenation methods, milling and/or roadway profiling, saw cutting and removing both asphalt and concrete pavements were performed. Minor subgrade preparation was completed including compacting native soil, placing and compacting ABC, millings, soil stabilization and grading. SWP performed all signing and striping including, a survey of existing striping and signing, providing and installing project signs, obliteration of striping, layout and installing striping, symbols, raised pavement markers and signage. SWP insured all traffic control plans were established in accordance with the approved traffic control plans and barricading work areas. Shoulder maintenance including grading, build-up, placement of surface treatment and sealing was completed.