FHWA, Katherine Landing Access Road and Parking Lot Improvements

new drainage structure improvements

Katherine Lake Bullhead, AZ: Prime Contractor 


SWP performed a full depth, full-width 4R improvement of Katherine Access Road as the main roadway into the Katherine Access Marina. The 4R work included widening the roadway template; new drainage structures; improved pullouts adjacent to the roadway; paved entrance parking area; resurfacing existing Marina area parking lots and boat launch areas as well as the entrance station. The project also included new signage and safety improvements along the route.

Katherine Access Road Improvements

Total of 36,000 CY of Embankment
2,000 CY of Slope Scaling, 7,000 Sq. Ft. of Controlled Blasting
5,800 CY of Riprap Class 3
200 CY of Riprap Class 4, 550 CY of Riprap Class 6
4,700 Sq. Ft. of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall
71,000 SY of Pulverizing 3 In Depth
84,000 SY of Pulverizing 6 In Depth
27,000 Tons of HACP Class B Grading C
7,800 Tons of Open-Graded Asphalt Friction Course
4,700 SY of Reinforced Rigid Pavement
124 LF of 8’ x 4’ Precast Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert
8,000 LF of Curb and Gutter, 3,100 LF of Guardrail Type 4.