Office Renovation-Property Grading Design & Paving

MAC Electric Inc. – Owner/General Contractor                                                              MEI New Location Office Renovation-Property Grading Design & Paving

MAC Electric Inc. was looking to move into a large location to operate their growing contracting business. The recently purchased location had an existing yard and office and plans were design based on The City of Yuma Development Comments which required a grading plan and a paved surface for customer and employee parking.

MEI contacted SWP to design a full set of plans including survey, demo, grading, paving and landscape plans to be submitted to the City of Yuma for approval. SWP teamed up with a local architecture firm who handled the interior renovations which included adding additional bathrooms and wall placements to serve the clients request. On the architecture side, plumbing and mechanical plans were also comprised into the full set and submitted.

Plans were approved by all City Departments and demo begin immediately as MEI needed to move out of their existing offices to save costs. SWP was to follow MEI crews renovating the building before grading the site, placing the retention basin and parking lot near the end of the schedule work duration.

The Structural Section was 3” Asphaltic Concrete and 6” Aggregate Base Course.

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