Crack Seal of Paved Roads and Parking Areas

organ Pipe national park parking lot

Crack Seal of Paved Roads and Parking Areas, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument: Prime Contractor   

SWP was contracted to clean out asphalt cracks and seal cracks with bituminous material. The work was accomplished with minimal impact to existing facilities, vegetation, and the visiting public. SWP blew out cracks with high-pressure compressed air to thoroughly clean out sand, dirt, debris and all non-compressible materials. SWP applied hot thermoplastic bituminous crack sealant level with the asphalt. SWP used a squeegee to leave an over band of approximately ¾ to 1 inch on both sides of the crack. Apply sand application over sealant if needed to prevent tracking.

Crack seal paved surfaced to include roads and parking lots in the main Visitor Center complex.
Crack seal of paved surfaces to include nine miles of paved road surfaces and 87,500 square feet of paved parking area.
Areas included:

• Route 10 Visitor Center Drive
• Route 101 Twin Peaks Access Road
• Route 200 Campground Loop Road
• Routes 206 through 211 Campground Loops
• Route 409 Group Campground Access Road
• Route 904A Visitor Center Parking A
• Route 904B Visitor Center Parking B
• Route 906 Group Campground Parking
• Route 907 Campground Parking
• Route 908 Dump Station Loop
• Route 910 Tillotson Peak Wayside Parking
• Route 911 Ajo Mountain Wayside Parking
• Route 11 Ajo Mountain Drive 3.1 miles of paved surface
• Route 12 Puerto Blanco Drive 1.73 miles of paved surface.
• Route 205 Maintenance Yard Access Road, 0.08 Miles, 2 lanes
• Route 909 Campground Housing Parking, 2873 Sq. ft.
• Route 912 Housing Area duplex housing parking, 1694 Sq. ft.
• Route 903 Maintenance Yard, 34,970 Sq. ft.