SWP Headquarters Original Renovations

SWP Corporate Headquarters  Initial Renovation, 5632 N 54th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85301

SWP moved into their 3,280 sq.ft. corporate headquarters January of 2016 after extension renovations which included complete demolition of the interior. The renovation included framing of four new offices, break room, copy room, two bathrooms, a bullpen, storage room, and warehouse. All new insulation and drywall were placed per the drawings with square corners and light spray texture finish.

HVAC work included relocating and adding the necessary ductwork and registers to supply adequate airflow into each room and open area of office space, break room, and bathroom. Exhaust fans were installed in each of the bathrooms and break room. Smoke alarms were installed throughout and an air balance verification occurred of the system.

Electrical work included the installation of five – 8ft fluorescent and thirty-nine (39) 2’x4’ lay in fluorescent lights, eighteen (18) single pole switches, six (6) 3-way switches, forty (40) general receptacles, seven (7) dedicated receptacles, and eight (8) can lights in the conference room on a dimmer. All necessary conduit, wire, and raceways for code compliance electrical system.

Plumbing work included renovating the drain, vent, and water lines to accommodate plumbing fixture relocations per the plan; installation of two new floor mount w/c, two lavatory sinks, faucets, two compartment kitchen sink, faucet, and garbage disposal. All fixtures were builder grade commercial applications.

The existing structure did not have any windows in any of the walls outside of the storefront. SWP saw cut the block exterior, installed lentils and sills to accommodate five (5) 4’ x 4’ XO and one (1) 6’ x 4’ XO. All windows were 1” dual glaze low E. The ceilings were raised to as high as practical while allowing for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical above ceiling installations and acoustical ceiling was placed using Armstrong #704 2’ x 2’ Tegular Edge Ortega. Finally, the entire inside was primed and painted. Additional work included new cabinets, doors, hardware, security system, warehouse roll-up door, new carpeting, new tile floorings, and gates.

Exterior work included the removal of all asphaltic concrete, re-grading the aggregate base course, placement of 3” of new asphaltic concrete and final striping.

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