Somerton, Arizona Parkway Subdivision Paving, Grading and Sewer Line Installation


City of Somerton, Arizona Parkway Subdivision Pavement Preservation      CDBG Project Paving, Grading and Sewer Line Installation

City of Somerton was able to obtain a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for improvement funds for their city. CDBG funds are distributed to state and local governments according to their population size, poverty level, and key housing variables to help communities address a wide range of development needs. The City plans to replace asphalt within the Parkway Subdivision along 5 residential street. Included with the pavement replacement are new sewer lines and update sidewalks with ADA ramps.

SWP was the low bidder and City Council approved the amount for construction. Contracts were submitted and material and equipment were scheduled for the project kickoff.  Traffic control will be set up for the public’s safety while neighboring residents will be delivered a bilingual pamphlet explaining the construction phases, where to park their vehicles, and how to access their homes safely throughout the project.