Ford Arizona Proving Grounds, Paving Test Strips

Ford Arizona Proving Grounds 
Vehicle Dynamic Area – Paving Test Strips
Wittman, AZ

SWP was contracted by Ford to place three paving test strips using a MAG 3/8” PG76-16 (36’ Wide x 400’ Wide x 1-1/2” thick).  The aggregate for the paving mix design came from three different aggregate sources and Ford intends to evaluate the strength and quality of the aggregates based on these test strips to make a final determination on the end product for the replacement of the entire VDA pad.

The paving was completed with the use of SWP’s Terex windrow elevator in combination with our Roadtec RP-195 Paver that is equipped with a 12’ hard screed.  A 30ft ski was utilized to match elevations.  The paver was also equipped with Topcon electronics system and Auto Auger sensors.

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