Pinal County, Pavement Preservation Task Orders 5 & 6

Pinal County, Job Order Contracting, Pavement Preservation & Repair Services, Task Orders #5 & #6: Prime Contractor 

The Pinal County Department of Public Work (PCDPW) was seeking experienced contractors to perform miscellaneous construction methods and repair services including chip seal, crack seal, slurry seal, micro-seal, fog seal, and paving projects utilizing the Job Order Contracting (JOC) project delivery methods.  Pinal County was pleased with SWPs work after year one and by mutual agreement was extended another year.

JOC Task Order #5, County Wide Fog Seal: SWP was awarded the countywide fog seal project #60640554 which included 6.84 lane miles covering 109,015 Sq. Yds of TRMSS fog seal and 24.69 lane miles, 460,092 Sq. Yds of CQS-LM fog seal. Additionally, SWP provided the entire traffic control, construction staking & layout, public relations, quality control and striping for the project.

JOC Task Order #6, County Wide Chip Seal: SWP was tasked with cleaning and sweeping, hauling and applying chip sealing, fog sealing, striping and traffic control. 198,483 SQ.YD of Pre-Coated HVT Chip Seal w/ 425.92 Tons of AC15-5TR Asphalt Binder.