Pima County, Public Safety Training Academy Drivers Training Track Pavement Replacement

City of Tucson – General Services Department                                                                Prop 101 Public Safety Training Academy Drivers Training Track Pavement Replacement
Tucson, Arizona

The City of Tucson is providing improvements at the Public Safety Training Academy (PSTA) Training track which is located at 10001 S. Wilmot Road within city limits. The improvements consist of both base bid and bid alternates and are focused on the existing training track and high-speed concrete half loop located in the southern portion of the PSTA facility. The current training track consists of a 510'x850' asphalt concrete (AC) pad with a 200'x60' concrete skid pad located at the southwest portion of the AC pad. A concrete high-speed track half loop is located west of AC track and is banked. The infield of the high-speed track half loop is currently unimproved.

SWP Performed:

  • Removal of the asphalt concrete portion of the training track by milling
  • Stockpiling of millings onsite north of the training track
  • Construction of a new heavy-duty pavement section at the same general location as the existing
  • track utilized a final lift of high-performance AC with a PG76-22 binder.
  • Expansion of the Concrete Skid Pad, including the installation of a trench drain and piping
  • Repair and modification of the water delivery system to the concrete skid pad
  • Site lighting and associated electrical improvements
  • Construction of shade structures in two locations
  • Drainage improvements at the west end of the track
  • Installation of a water feed to a hose bib at the west shade structure
  • Striping of the track
  • Installation of guard rail
  • Construction of curbing around the asphalt concrete paving
  • Concrete repairs to the high-speed track and resealing of all the concrete joints on the high-speed track as well as the concrete skid pad.

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