USACE, Quality Assurance Services for Walla Walla, Portland, and Seattle Districts


Quality Assurance Services for Walla Walla, Portland, and Seattle Districts, United States Army Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla, WA:
Prime Contractor


The work required was for QAR Services. Contracts included civil works, general and military construction, dredging, services and supply contracts. The work supported Construction Division / Branch missions within the boundaries of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Northwestern Division (NWD), Portland District (NWP), Seattle District (NWS), and Walla Walla District (NWW). QAR Services were requested on an as-needed basis to verify the quality of the work performed by the construction contractors.

The Districts’ Civil Works mission is varied and wide-ranging. Its multi-purpose projects provide benefits for navigation, flood risk management, hydropower production, fish and wildlife, environmental stewardship, recreation, irrigation and municipal water supply. The Districts offer a wide range of services to its non-military and military customers; typical projects include new construction or renovation of residential and military housing, barracks, operations centers, office/classroom buildings, vehicle maintenance facilities, child development centers, and utilities. The Districts manage federal environmental missions including restoring degraded ecosystems; stream restoration; constructing sustainable facilities; regulating waterways; managing natural resources; and cleaning up contaminated sites.