Pima County, Regional Local Road Repair Program, Package No. 4


Pima County Transportation                                                                                                  Regional Local Road Repair Program (RLRRP) Package No. 4
Tucson, Arizona

This project was located in the City of South Tucson and Pima County Arizona, Supervisor Districts 2, 3, and 4, and consists of various subdivision roads indicated in the Regional Local Road Repair Program (RLRRP) Package No. 4.

The project consisted of placing chip seal surface treatment, crack seal, fog seal and asphalt patching at various locations within Pima County including traffic striping, traffic control, and miscellaneous work as needed.
Major quantities included:

  • 8500 SY of asphalt removal by milling
  • 450 Tons of CQS-1H Fog Seal
  • 1400 Tons of CRS-2P Emulsion, 9000 Tons of Cover Material
  • 502,000 LBS of CRAFCO Polyflex Crack Seal
  • 1000 Tons of PAG #2 Asphaltic Concrete.