Saguaro Bloom Spine Road Improvements (Sub)

Saguaro Bloom Spine Road Improvements, Saguaro Springs Community Facilities District no. 1: Subcontractor    $48,000

Since completion of the original construction in 2005/2006, the asphalt concrete pavements and some of the adjacent concrete improvements within and adjacent to the interior residential streets and the collector streets have experienced various degrees of distress and movement.

Saguaro Bloom is a mixed-use residential development which encompasses approximately 650 acres of land within Section 18 and a small portion of Section 19 in Township 12 South, Range 12 East of the Gila and Salt River Baseline and Meridian, Pima County, Arizona.  The site is located within the Town of Marana and is bounded on the south by Twin Peak Road and Lambert Lane on the north.

SWP was subcontracted by Rummel Construction to complete all of the paving operations for this project.

The work was completed in three different phases

  •  Phase 1 consisted of 18,469 square yards of 3” of asphaltic concrete
  • Phase 2 consisted of 5,159 square yards of 3” asphaltic concrete
  • Phase 3 consisted of 14,355 square yards of 3” asphaltic concrete

The new asphaltic concrete surface for all roadways consisted of a ½” mix in accordance with Mix #2 specification in Section 406 of the Pima County / City of Tucson Standard Specifications, 2003 Edition.

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