Investigation, Engineering, and Consulting

Capabilities and Experience

  • KGS has a staff of professional geologists, registered engineers, and project management professionals with an average of 22 years experience
  • The design and performance of complicated, multi-area sampling events
  • The coordination of investigation, remediation, and operation and maintenance activities wtih multiple stakeholders and advocates for sensitive environments
  • The utilization of direct push and in situ sample collection strategies to minimize investigation costs and collect discrete samples from suspected contaminant zones
  • The desgin and implementation of bench-scale and pilot studies to refine remediation design and increase field efficiency
  • The design, installation and operation of innovative technologies to maximize remedial effectiveness and minimize project schedules and costs, such as the simultaneous remediation of soil above and below the water table for the removal of petroleum hydrocarbons
  • The preparation of permits and best management practice documents, such as an MS4 Stormwater Management Plan that identifies methods to reduce the discharge of pollutants to the maximum extent practicable and develops management practices, control techniques, and design, system, and engineering methods for the control of such pollutants.

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