DMAFB, Taxiway Edge Lighting Installation

Taxiway Edge Lighting Installation (Design-Build), Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, AZ

Taxiway A1 (Renovation Work) – SWP removed existing edge lights and components on the southeast intersection of Taxiways A and A1 and replaced with new AC pavement. The light components were removed and properly disposed of off-base, along with any existing electrical cabling. Conduit was removed as necessary to permit removal of the lighting component.

Taxiway Echo (New Construction Work) – SWP installed edge lights at Taxiway Echo. Sawcut the asphalt and concrete pavement at Taxiway Echo ending at the far side of the Facility 269 hangar access and removed all debris from site each day and disposed of properly off base. SWP provided LED taxiway edge lights and associated accessories along both taxiway edges.

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