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FHWA, Lake Mead Bridge & Culvert Maintenance

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Bridge & Culvert Maintenance: Prime Contractor $125,000 Project work included: Bridge and tunnel maintenance as recommended by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) bridge inspections Cleaning and sealing bridge deck Cleaning expansion joints Installation of markers  Weep hole filters installation Patching spalled concrete, and/or removing vegetation  

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Road & Facilities- San Juan National Forest

MATOC San Juan National Forest Road and Facilities: Prime Contractor  Project Orders Included: Construction Road maintenance Repair and maintenance projects but may also include projects involving a variety of trades Work performed under these contracts included: Construction Repair and alteration of various buildings Structures and facilities Earthwork Concrete and asphalt paving Deconstruction /demolition, roads Impoundments Water control Culverts  

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USFS, Foxtail Scour Protection & Boat Ramp Repairs

Tonto National Forest Scour Protection & Boat Ramp Repairs: Prime contractor $49,802 The concrete turn around area suffered scouring on the side impacted by the wash and the boat ramp was inaccessible. SWP was contracted to core into the existing concrete ramp and fill voids underneath with a flowable slurry concrete fill. Gabion baskets with rock fill were installed the entire length Continue Reading

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