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ADOT, Construction Administration Projects

Temporary Technical Engineering Personnel Services: Prime Contractor   $150,000,000 SWP provided Temporary Technical Engineering Personnel (Temp Tech) during peak workloads on an as needed basis. Construction project, supervision, management and on the job training Construction survey (provide total survey workstation and vehicle) Construction inspection for items including but not limited to: roadway, structures, electrical, landscape, permits Construction materials sampling and testing Continue Reading

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Road and Facilities- Rio Grande

MATOC Rio Grande National Forest: Prime Contractor  Work Orders Included: Clearing Grubbing Earthwork Culverts Fencing Demolition Drainage Water control structures Roadway Walks and Pavements – gravel, concrete, asphalt Resurfacing Building Improvements - repair, structural repair, renovation, alteration, expansion, improvement to existing structures Asbestos Lead based paint Mold remediation New Construction - structures and minor buildings Well and sewage distribution Renovation Work Continue Reading

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