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El Dorado Canyon Road Repair

Storm Repairs, Lake Mead National Recreation Area: Prime Contractor $752,252 The USDOT, Central Federal Lands Highway Division of the Federal Highway Administration contracted with SWP to perform emergency repairs to 3 sections, within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Work Included: Field designs and repairs Traffic control Quality control Erosion control Rip Rap Hot Asphaltic paving Striping

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USFS, Bartlett Lake Site Improvements

Bartlett Lake Recreation Site Improvements.: Prime Contractor $40,998  The project involved pavement repair to an existing parking lot and boat ramp access.  SWP performed:  Saw cutting Milling Removing and disposing of asphalt Furnishing Placing and compacting new asphalt surfacing Pavement striping Repairing potholes and surface cracks Temporary traffic control measures were incorporated into the work.

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Crack Seal of Paved Roads and Parking Areas

Crack Seal of Paved Roads and Parking Areas, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument: Prime Contractor    $65,000 SWP was contracted to clean out asphalt cracks and seal cracks with bituminous material. The work was accomplished with minimal impact to existing facilities, vegetation, and the visiting public. SWP blew out cracks with high-pressure compressed air to thoroughly clean out sand, dirt, Continue Reading

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USFS, Coronado National Forest Road Resurfacing

Roads Resurfacing, Coronado National Forest: Prime Contractor    $825,000 The work consisted of resurfacing portions of two U.S. Forest Service jurisdiction roads west of Interstate 19 and northwest of Nogales, Arizona. The project locations are on a portion of the unpaved Tres Bellotas Road south of the town of Arivaca, Arizona, and on the unpaved portion of Ruby Road on Continue Reading

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